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871 E Benjamin Drive
Franklin, Tennessee, 37067
North America


Handcrafted Pedalboards built in Franklin, TN.

Terrible Recollection

Blog-stuff you want to know- Tips and tricks of the trade-inside the mind of the creators

Every Industry, including music gear company, and Pedalboard manufacturer has their own little quirks and little known facts and tips and tricks that make them very unique. The Music Gear industry as a whole has very split opinions and very passionate resolves on where they stand with those beliefs. One, in particular is the idea of Digital versus Analog circuitry and the validity and maturity of the corrosponding user.

Terrible Recollection

Nick White

There is no adequate way to summarize the last 10 months of starting and running a small business. It has been a journey filled with Excitement of building a product that people might come to fall in love with, and standing in awe of the people who do come to use it. Fear could also be brought up as a factor that I have had to face. Being a husband of an incredible wife, I want to give the best to her, and take steps that help us both. Taking a step in the direction of starting a business could potentially create room for fear of making mistakes and not being able to make your way back out of them. There are more laws and metaphorical fences and hurdles than ever before, and if we don't hold on to courage, which Jesus so freely gives, it will most certainly be a path filled with fear of not falling into the impending abyss. I feel that after 10 months, I am a stronger believer in Jesus Christ, better husband, and leader because of taking what most would call a path less traveled.

(Nick White (me) left) and Josh N. Right, on our annual Wilderness Excursion. 2016. at Virgin Falls, in Sparta, TN.

    One of the major reasons I originally began this journey was because of the overwhelming encouragement I received from friends and family to do so. Business growth has been a very present theme in my life over the last 6 years or so, and I have come to realize that I enjoy it! The Idea to start a business was originally planted about 4 years ago from whom I proudly call my best friend, Josh N., and it is no coincidence that this first blog entry comes the just after a wild and fantastic visit from him. It took an immense amount of soul searching, and sitting before the Lord before I settled on the idea that Wood Pedalboards was the path for me.

     Little known fact; Whiteboards Pedalboards was originally meant to be mostly a modification shop to currently existing boards. When I worked at JHS Pedals in Kansas City, MO, people kept coming to me to Modify their Pedaltrain Boards by either drilling out the front side to allow access to another Power Jack for more Pedal Power, or installing 1/4" in/out Jacks. The repetition of the service was fueled mostly that I was doing it as a favor, though I was probably enjoying the process of making their board more efficient as much as they enjoyed using their upgraded piece of gear!  Now, though I offer, and thoroughly enjoy Pedalboard Modification, It has been even more exciting being able to create something new from the ground up.  Here's to logging in the rest of the Journey!