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871 E Benjamin Drive
Franklin, Tennessee, 37067
North America


Handcrafted Pedalboards built in Franklin, TN.


About- Get to know us- Creators of the Whiteboards Pedalboards

Join our story. Get to know us, and we can help give you what you need. Every person is a deep well. I believe we have been fortunate enough to tap into the Well of Whiteboards, which will bring unique satisfaction to all who drink of it! We are Passionate about bringing high quality Gear to the musicians how are looking, and those that may not yet know they need it. 

I live the phrase ‘Natural curiosity begets creativity.’

I am a creator of music gear. It’s a part of who I am.

     From an early age Nick learned the values of crafting and innovating with his own hand under the wing of his father. This led to endeavors in Cub Scouts, wood shop and metal working. At the same time, the love of music was being cultivated which led to the pursuit of a music degree in Kansas City, MO.

Everyday going into work was backed with; ‘This is awesome, let’s see where we can take it.’

   In 2011, working at JHS Pedals became a defining season in Nicks career over the course of 3 1/2 years. During that time he learned the trade of pedal building, connecting with a customer base, and bringing a better product by polishing his talents. Everyday going into work was backed with "This is awesome, let's see where we can take it."

   Having been inspired in an environment where a companies vision for handcrafted music gear becomes reality, in 2014 with the support of his community, Whiteboards was established in Franklin, TN. Nick began to innovate on an incredible product that is both utilitarian and the sprinkles on the ice cream. After almost an entire year of R&D, they released their first pedalboard. Our vision at Whiteboards is a passion for excellence; designing custom gear to meet your needs and invoke your creativity. 


This culmination of Whiteboards history is a passion for excellence; to provide handcrafted gear to invoke greater creativity through precision and beauty.